Klassik Lounge Playlist014

Klassik Lounge 29-12-2014


1. Locust, Snowblind (Editions Mego)
2. Softwaver, Enough space (Sine Music)
3. Pig & Dan, Tokyo twilight (Bedrock)
4. Michael E, Please try again (Michael E Music)
5. Jon Hopkins, The field / The river (Just Music)
6. Lamb, Doves & ravens (Strata)
7. Darshan Ambient, MicroLife (Spotted Peccary Music)


1. 351 Lake Shore Drive, City lights (feat. Noella) (GR8 AL)
2. Zac Love, Dusty gold (Cold Busted)
3. Gui Borrato, Manifesto (Kompakt)
4. Maurice Aymard, Between stars (Seven Villas)
5. 9 in common, Carolla (Seamless)
6. Blank & Jones, Shine (Soundcolours)
7. Stuce the sketch, On & on (feat. Kim) (LGM)


1. Hamlet, Howling (Stil Vor Talent)
2. Good natured threat, Enough (LGM, “Starseekers”)
3. Ancient Astronauts, Robots are taking over (Switchstance)
4. Flitz & Suppe, Morgenlektüre zur Konfitüre (Audiokult)
5. Krystian Shek, Chocolate & flowers (Cold Busted)
6. Martin Nonstatic, Gilli Nangu (BineMusic)
7. Daso vs Ofrin, Time for decisions (Aera’s final decicion) (Franco Bolli)
8. Bet.E & Stef, Zana (Nickodemus’ Remix) (Compost)


1. Phaeleh, City rose (feat. Sam Brookes) (Undertow)
2. John Beltran, Medellin (Delsin)
3. Egokind & Ozean, Mute memories (Traum Schallplatten)
4. Five Seasons, One more night (LGM)
5. Lisa Gerrard, Too far gone (Gerrard Records)
6. Whitetree, Derek’s garden (Ponderoas Music & Art)

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  1. Mark HjorthoyMark Hjorthoy01-02-2015

    Such a great mix Nartak, but then again,.. I expect the best from you!

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