Klassik Lounge Playlist013

Klassik Lounge 01-12-2014


1. Julian Maas and Christoph M. Kaiser, Am See (Colosseum)
2. Michael E, What will be will be (Michael E)
3. Five Seasons, From Tokyo with love (LGM)
4. Ólöf Arnalds, Patience (One Little Indian)
5. Darshan Ambient, The deep field (Spotted Peccary Music)
6. Desert Dwellers, New generation (Temple Step Project Remix) (Desert Trax)
7. Alex Pardini, Sincerely yours (Franco Bolli)


1. Rophonic, Green room blues (Animat Music)
2. Riccicomoto, Get ready (feat. Elimar) (Lucidflow)
3. Randy Seidman, Fazura (Polished Chrome Mix) (Sine)
4. Lux, Golden (Subatomic)
5. Dan Arborise, Around in circles (Just Music)
6. Krystian Shek, Jungle Bob (Carpe Sonum)


1. DJ Koze, Don’t lose my mind (Pampa)
2. Baumgartner // Kraus, J.O.D. (Phazzadelic
3. Mathieu & Florzinho, Echo tales (Cyron Music & Art)
4. Tall Black Guy, Funeral biz (First Word Records)
5. Blank & Jones, Sunny side up (Soundcolours)
6. Project Blue Sun, Beautiful day (Drizzly)
7. Kalabi, Clear (Sweetleaf Recordings)
8. Ludovico Einaudi, Corale (Decca)


1. Seekae, Goals (Future Classic)
2. Vermont, Übersprung (Kompakt)
3. 2illusions, The soul (Plexus Music)
4. Ganga, One minute (Flinc Music)
5. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, Circle my demise (De-Fence)
6. Stray Ghost, We spoke too soon (Bandcamp)
7. Madelaine Hart, Inside out (Kemuzik)

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