Klassik Lounge Playlist013

Klassik Lounge 06-11-2014


1. Antonymes, My salvation (Cathedral Transmissions) (feat. Otto Sander)
2. Thomas Lemmer, Lunar eclipse (Thomas Lemmer)
3. Dave Tate, The faucon (Bandcamp)
4. Prem Joshua & Chintan, Ahir (Music Today)
5. Man in a room, Black & white (LGM)
6. Ohm-G, The B of a rainy D (Eivissabeat) (feat. Otto Sander)


1. Marcus Loeber, At home (Genuine Mix) (Billibabe Records)
2. John Beltran, Amazing things (Delsin)
3. Pulshar, Down by the river (Desolat)
4. Peter Visti, Besos (Kenneth Bager Remix) (MFD)
5. Dub Mars, The good in life (LGM)
6. Tosca, The key (!k7)


1. Myah, Violets (Diventa)
2. Helios, Come with nothings (Type)
3. Salmonella Dub, For the love of it (Pitch Black Version) (Dubmission)
4. 351 Lake Shore Drive, Blue baby moon (feat. Picidu) (GR8 AL)
5. Utopian Hedonism, The royal library of Alexandria (Datablender)
6. Coyote, Live this life (Is it balearic?)


1. Hittfeld, Penguins (Billibabe Records)
2. Nosaj thing, Glue (Innovative Leisure Records)
3. Lusine, Haze (Ghostly International)
4. Softwaver, Ewigkeitssekunde (Extended Version) (Sine Music)
5. Pushmipulyu, Wake you (Interchill)
6. Zagar, Lightstones (Mole Listening Pearls)

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