Klassik Lounge Playlist031

Klassik Lounge 13-10-2014


1. Christian Loeffler, Alpine sketch (Ki Records)
2. PNFA, Sylmar (Diventa)
3. Eskadet, La repara (LGM)
4. Chris Le Blanc, Debussy en es vedra (Salinas Mix) (Karmaloft)
5. Dierdre, Thoughts of you (Six Degrees)
6. Puremusic, Unsaid (State Azure Rmx.) (Silk Sofa Music)
7. Laya Project, Sunset in Akkarai (Desert Dwellers Remix) (EarthSync)


1. Chris Coco, Mid afternoon (Seamless Recordings)
2. Riccicomoto, Only feat.Silvia Bollnow (Helly Larson Chill Out Mix) (Lucidflow)
3. Smolik, B.rain (LGM)
4. Alucidnation, Protocol (Interchill)
5. Paulsen & Stryczek, Toys for boys (LGM)
6. Liberty Cloud, Falling in your arms (Cold Busted)
7. Thievery Corporation, Quem me leva (feat. Elin Melgarejo) (ESL Music)


1. Nima Fakhrara, The end (Varese Sarabande)
2. Koda, The Last Stand (Claes Rosen Remix) (Silk Sofa Music)
3. Helios, Paper tiger (Type)
4. Srikalogy, New paradigm (Black Swan)
5. Stealth & Altair, Lost highway (Uprise Audio)
6. Timetraveller Ki, Rain (Chillax Music)
7. Triptone, You gotta stay true (feat. June Caravel) (CosmicLeaf)


1. Stray Ghost, Aubade (Time Released Sound)
2. Four Tet, Gillie Amma, I love you (Transgressive North)
3. Electrix, Universe (Sine Music)
4. Sambox, Café Gourmet (Concorde Avenue)
5. Krystian Shek, Chocolate & flowers (Cold Busted)
6. Message to bears, Undone (Dead Pilot Records)
7. Guti, Hurt (Rompecorazones Music)
8. Pete Alderton, A fool for her body (Songways)

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