Klassik Lounge Playlist031

Klassik Lounge 08-09-2014


1. Nima Fakhrara, Good luck (Varese Sarabande)
2. Kaya Project, Tears fall like ash (Interchill)
3. Mashti & Jean Von Baden, Mumbia madness (Amor Records)
4. Timetraveler Ki, Mellow vibe (Chillax)
5. Adham Shaikh, Whispering waves (Black Swan)
6. Mirage of deep, Restless soul (LGM)
7. Wildlight, Oh love (Ryan Herr Rmx.) (Jumpsuit Records)
8. Florent Campana, Golden hour (LGM)


1. Of Norway, Yours is a history of violence (Connaisseur)
2. Srikalogy, New paradigm (Black Swan)
3. Kalabi, Sunburnt busker (Bandcamp)
4. Erdenklang, Rotationsachse (Catharsis)
5. Julius Gale, Nothing was everything (b connected)
6. Lars Leonhard, Forest widow (Bandcamp)


1. Deva Premal & Miten with Manose, Om Sahana Vavatu (Shanti Mantra) (White Swan)
2. Shook, Picture moment (Epicenter)
3. Dom La Nena, Batuque (Jeremy Sole & Atropolis Rmx.) (Six Degrees)
4. Krystian Shek, Set my soul on fire (Thai Dust)
5. Akshin Alizadeh, Southern man (Cold Busted)
6. Stuce the sketch, 4 o’clock (Ambient Mix) (LGM)
7. Johan Agebjörn & Sylwia van der Wonderland, Take me home (Lotuspike)
8. David Torn, NY’s charm / Every guy but me (Varese Sarabande)


1. Plaid, Oh (Warp)
2. Hidden Orchestra, Spoken (Tru Thoughts)
3. Leendder feat. Chaz, Everytime you cry (Satin Jackets Rmx.) (Skycreaker)
4. Mathieu & Florzinho, All forever one (Pointvogl’s retro portis attack Rmx.) (Cyronmusic)
5. Slow World, Lovely island (LGM)
6. Nest, Cad goddeu (Revised) (Serein)

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