Klassik Lounge Playlist031

Klassik Lounge 18-08-2014


1. Whitetree, Other nature (Ponderosa Music & Art)
2. Therianthrope, Am I a merman (Avaaz Records)
3. Planet Lounge, Inner light (4mpo)
4. Marlena Shaw, Woman of the ghetto (Aksin Alizadeh Rmx.) (Cold Busted)
5. Lemongrass, Heartbreaker (LGM)
6. Chemical boy, Since 71 (Shelter 54)


1. Daniel McDermott, I (Psychonavigation)
2. Normandie, Landscape wonder (Onepoint.fm)
3. Metasonica, Eternal return (Carpe Sonum)
4. Bryan Ford, Downtown drifter (Revolutionary Music)
5. Christian Prommer, Wonders of the world (Marc Dold Rmx.) (Compost)
6. Cirrostratus, Dark matters (Cirrostratus)
7. Anemine, Du Meer (LGM)
8. Brando Lupi, Opal (Ultimae)


1. Sven Weisemann, Falling leaves (Fauxpas Music)
2. 9Bach, Cariad cyntaf (Putumayo)
3. Desert Dwellers, Wandering sadhu (Jef Stott Rmx.) (Black Swan Sounds)
4. Krystian Shek, Soi honey (Cold Busted)
5. Solar Fields, Time slide (Essoniam Rmx.) (Bandcamp)
6. Trentemøller feat. Sune Rose Wagner, Deceive (Unkwon Remix) (In my room)
7. State Azure, Emerald veil (Bandcamp)


1. Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo, Nostalgia (Wallander Theme) (India Records)
2. Houie D., Tiefsee (Ideal Musik)
3. Lazy Hammock, Spirals in time (Diventa)
4. Husky Rescue, New light of tomorrow (Bonobo Rmx.) (Catskills)
5. Snowmine, Safety in an open mind (Bandcamp)
6. John Martyn, Small hours (Island Records)

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