Playlist 7

Schlaflos… in London (25-05-2014)

23:00 – 00:00 // on tonight we have a new “London” session on air. Enjoy!

Here is my playlist (23:00 – 23:30) followed by DJ Ping:

01 London Underground (Field recordings)
02 Audiokonstrukte, Credo
03 Recondite, Stems (Into the Dew Mix)
04 Fingers in the noise, Gaussian blur
05 Steffen Linck, Sticks and Stones (Sascha Kloeber Bootmix)
06 Boozoo Bajou, Der Kran
07 London sightseeing (Field recordings)

“Schlaflos…” a concept by DJ Ping, DJ Nartak and photographer Marco Drews. More infos & stream: →