Klassik Lounge 28-04-2014


1. Christopher Gordon, Embrace (Varese Sarabande)
2. Ludovico Einaudi, Walk (Phaeleh Rmx.) (Decca)
3. Weathertunes, No death no fear (LGM)
4. Savages, You’re my chocolate (Chameleon Records
5. Sebastian Tellier, L’amour naissant II (Record Makers)
6. Softwaver, Wednesday night (Sine Music)
7. Luciano Supervielle, Perfume (Bouquet Mix) (Surco Records)
8. Ambient Jazz Ensemble, Jazz face (AJE Rework) (Here & Now)


1. Of Norway, A forest (Connaisseur)
2. Jaidene Veda, When (ft. Ursula Rucker) (Jaiveda Productions)
3. Euphonic Traveller, Le club mysthique (Cyron Music & Arts)
4. State Azure, Skyline (Bandcamp)
5. Immaculate Ibiza, Unveiled (IIM)
6. Omauha, Twinkle (Incepto Smooth)


1. Gigi Masin & Alessandro Monti, Snake theory (LGM)
2. Francois Maugame, Fluidite (Diventa)
3. Nomad, Off here (Duzzdownsan)
4. David Newman & Krishna Venkatesh, Tulsi’s bliss (Half-step-bhangra Mix) (White Swan)
5. Jens Buchert, The vortex (Plusquam Chillout)
6. Kaya Project, Pachamama (Master Margherita Rmx.) (Tribal Shift)


1. Bet.e & Stef, Zana (Nickodemus Remix) (Compost)
2. Dee C’rell, Hymn from journeyman (Holm Records)
3. Stimming, November Morning (Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Version) (Diynamic)
4. Lee Burton, You ‘ve got me (Klik)
5. Lars Leonhard, Blizzard (BineMusic)
6. Ada, 2 likely (Pampa)

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