Klassik Lounge 15-04-2014


1. Utopian Hedonism, Villa of the papiry (Sa Trincha Recordings)
2. Kalabi, Open locks (Mareld)
3. Banco de Gaia, Oreia (Disco Gecko Recordings)
4. Digital Rain, Heaven in you (LGM)
5. Enigmatic, White city (Little Angel Records)
6. Keisuke Sakai, Banryoku (LGM)


1. Leo Abrahams, Time take me back (Peacefrog)
2. Circular, Glassy (Ultimae)
3. Felix Rüedi, Bafbo (Brambus Records)
4. Nate Conelly, Without (Aleph Zero Records)
5. Armand Amar & Levon Minassian, Nusrat’s allap (Long Distance)


1. Cayetano, The light around you (Pale Sound Recordings)
2. T2’n, Pause (LGM)
3. Cydelix, Coupled key (CosmicLeaf)
4. Wasis Diop, Let in go (Ingmarlo & Susso Remix) (Diventa)
5. Spiral System, Joe Tuesday (Macro Records)
6. Riccicomoto, What is real? (Retrospective Zoology)


1. Lemongrass, Behind the scenes (feat. Jane Maximova) (LGM)
2. Dollboy, Odd man out (Baked Goods)
3. Barfoot Audio, White horse (Barefoot Audio)
4. Booka Shade, Lost high (Get Physical Music)
5. Gustavo Santaolalla, Dreams of higher altitude (Königskinder)
6. Pravana, The sea temple (Amanaska Remix) (One World Music)

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