Klassik Lounge Playlist011

Klassik Lounge 03-04-2014


1. Nacho Sotomayor, Opaque (Transparent Remix) (Absolut Ambient)
2. Weathertunes, Morning sun (LGM)
3. Heckle & Jive, Lowdown high (One World Music)
4. HashFinger, December (Bandcamp)
5. Alucidnation, Lazy bastard (Lucidrecordings)
6. Kalabi, Revolver (Sweetleaf Recordings)
7. Der Waldläufer, Beyond horizon (Ambiosoul)


1. Jaidene Veda, Healing (Veda Vocal Mix) (Jaiveda Productions)
2. Lonely Boy, Shut your mouth (Winding Road Records)
3. Lo Tide, Spent (Velcro City Records)
4. Jens Buchert, Amour noblesse (JeBu Records)
5. Lauge & Rütz, Frictions (Mirabilis Records)
6. Audio Shaman, Dubbyt (One World Music)


1. Christos Fourkis, Midnight in a perfect world (Karmaloft)
2. Glam Sam & His Combo, Free your body, free your soul (LGM)
3. Toubab Krewe, Mariama (Nat Geo Music)
4. Adani & Wolf, Nuages (Adani & Wolf Recordings)
5. Spiral System, Pascal’s journey (Interchill)
6. Kings of Convinience, Gold in the air of summer (Source)
7. DFRNT, Lounge (Echo Dub)


1. Zagar, Toybox on the shelf (Mole Listening Pearls)
2. Placid Larry, Here (LGM)
3. Yello, Tangier blue (Polydor)
4. Nosaj Thing, Tell (Innovative Leisure Records)
5. GMO vs. Dense, Another view (Altar Records)
6. Ganga, Airstrings (Flinc Music)
7. Five Seasons, Green (LGM)
8. Dieter Geike, Indigo (Prudence)

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