Klassik Lounge Playlist015

Klassik Lounge 25-03-2014

Klassik Lounge compiled by DJ Nartak

Two hours of finest Downtempo tunes. More infos about the show, frequencies & web player: Klassik Radio →


1. Desert Dwellers, New generation (Temple Step Project Remix) (Desert Trax)
2. Yin and Yang, On horseback (LGM)
3. Jens Buchert, Dawn rider (JeBu Records)
4. Cardinal Zen, Subway graffiti (Drizzly Loungerie)
5. Hibernation, Catch a glimpse (Interchill)
6. Man in a room, Twice below the horizon (LGM)


1. Fragile State, Hoop dreams (James Murray Remix) (I Label)
2. Kalabi, The garden (Sweetleaf)
3. Marconi Union, Weigthless, Part 1 (Just Music)
4. Der Waldläufer, Caligaris (Ambiosoul)
5. Tim Angrave, Midnight waves (LGM)
6. Christopher Willits, Olancha Hello (Oktaf)


1. Temple Step Project, Truth and grace (Desert Trax)
2. Setsuna, White black and blue (Sine Music)
3. Jens Buchert, Thoughts (JeBu)
4. 2Illusions, The soul (Plexus Music)
5. Chilled by nature, Otherness (Windsurf’s Golden Bear Dub) (LoEB)


1. Barbarossa, Stones (De-Fence Records)
2. Der Waldläufer, Eclipse illumina (Ambiosoul)
3. Helios, Every hair on your head (Ben Boysen Remix) (Unseen)
4. Solar Fields, Unknown presence (Ultimae)
5. Lemongrass, Levitation (LGM)
6. Håkon Kornstad, Plystre (Jazzland)
7. Hessien, Play, record, stop (Audio Gourmet)

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