Klassik Lounge Playlist021

Klassik Lounge 12-03-2014

Klassik Lounge compiled by DJ Nartak

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1. Knut Bjørnar Asphol, Superorganic (India Records)
2. Kolby Wade, Mountain taupe (LGM)
3. Claudio Crispo, Waterline (Mareld)
4. State Azure, Vanishing points (Bandcamp)
5. Pulshar, Down by the river (Desolat)
6. Scsi-9, Nostalgia (Klik Records)


1. Boards of Canada, Telepath (Warp)
2. Aaron Alexis, Kill the lights (Kryson Mix) (Seamless)
3. Miktek, Ominous ride (Ultimae)
4. James Murray, Coldfall (Tessellate Recordings)
5. Corrado Saija, Settembre (LGM)


1. David Sylvian, I should not dare (Samadhisound)
2. Vector Lovers, Final wish (Soma)
3. Sounds from the ground, Step into now (Waveform)
4. Fredrik Ohr, Enough time (Aleph Zero)
5. Solar Fields, When the worlds collide (Ultimae)
6. Animat, Stargazing (The Garwin Project Remix) (Animat Music)


1. Stevin McNamara, Song of the sun (Reprise) (White Swan)
2. Foundland, Everybody’s neighbour (Cybertech)
3. Udosson, Interflug (Soundcolours)
4. Jon Hopkins, Form by firelight (Domino)
5. Sea Oleena, Milk (Bandcamp)
6. Field Rotation, The repetition of history (Denovali Records)

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