Klassik Lounge Playlist03

Klassik Lounge 03-03-2014

Klassik Lounge compiled by DJ Nartak

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1. Manose, My wish (White Swan Records)
2. Alucidnation, Fog (In Dub) (Interchill)
3. DJ Drez, So high (Black Swan)
4. Nacho Sotomayor, Dreams frontier (Absolut Ambient)
5. Sebastian Pille, Bist du ok? (Colosseum)
6. Tina Dickow, Break Of Day (The Stella Polaris Allstars Remix) (Playground Music Scandinavia)
7. Carbon based lifeforms, Interloper (Ultimae)


1. Echasketch, Unsynchronised swimming (Just Music)
2. Tosca, Stuttgart (Marlow and Trüby Refix) (!k7)
3. Alex Cortiz, Midnight glances (Coast to coast)
4. Fresh Moods, Senses (Zentralmodul)
5. Chris Coco, St James Grove (Melodica Recordings)


1. Zagar, Appelant le soleil (Mole)
2. Chris Le Blanc, Stardust into men feat. Rhonda Bellamy (Chris Zippel Rmx.) (Karmaloft)
3. 351 Lake Shore Drive, Seabeam (GR8 AL)
4. Laroca, Generalife (Just Music)
5. Bahia Deluxe, Carribbean Connexion (Cold Busted)
6. Softwaver, Walhalla (Sine Music)
7. Jah Wobble & Marconi Union, Love in the banlieues (30Hertz Records)


1. Dub Mars, Give me some more (LGM)
2. Coyote, Wildness (Is it balearic?)
3. Dee C’rell, Solar Electronique (LGM)
4. Jon Hopkins, Second sense (Just Music)
5. Van, Evening bus (Incepto Smooth)
6. State Azure, Time invariant (Bandcamp)

  1. norbert@nbneumann.denorbert@nbneumann.de03-04-2014

    Coole Musik gestern abend … 🙂
    Weiter so!

    • NartakNartak03-07-2014

      Danke Norbert!! I’ll do my very best…

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