Klassik Lounge Playlist012

Klassik Lounge 20-02-2014

Klassik Lounge compiled by DJ Nartak

Like on every Thursday I have a new Klassik Lounge show for you. Two hours of finest Downtempo tunes, selected & mixed by DJ Nartak. More infos about the show, frequencies & streaming you’ll find here: Klassik Radio →


1. Nicholas O’Toole  & Jonathan Davis, A question (Varese Sarabande)
2. Erik Wøllo, Blue Rondo (Projekt)
3. Animat, To know better (Hindsight Mix) (Mareld)
4. Jon Hopkins & Natasha Khan, Garden’s heart (Just Music)
5. Ganga, One Minute (Flinc Music)
6. Matthias Springer, Cinema of thoughts (Parquet Recordings)


1. Peter Broderick, The last christmas (Erased Tapes Records)
2. Stumbleine (feat. Violet Skies), Just tell me (Monotreme Records)
3. Phaeleh, Chimatu (Gyu Remix) (Urban Scramping Records)
4. Meanderthals, 1-800-288-Slam (Smalltown Supersound)
5. Oka, Lullaby (Oka Music)
6. Akal Dub, Lake shrine (Bandcamp)
7. Lisa Gerrard with Klaus Schultze, Circular (Gerrard Records)


1. Rockaforte, Elle (Karmaloft)
2. Christian Prommer feat. Thomas Hien, Wonders of the world (Marc Dold Remix) (Compost)
3. Kaya Project, La bomba (Tribal Shift Records)
4. Dee C’rell, Don’t ever leave myself (Holm Records)
5. Bonobo, Eyesdown (ft. Andreya Triana & DELS) (Ninja Tunes)
6. Weathertunes, Mystic light (LGM)
7. Wah!, Flower (Wah! Music)


1. Marco Effe feat. Francesco Carone, Canto d’amore (Piano Solo) (Connaisseur)
2. Dillon, A matter of time (BPitch Control)
3. Helios, Paper tiger (Type)
4. Poldoore, Ahhh yeah (feat. Maverick) (Cold Busted)
5. Good Natured Threat, Take it away (Permanent Damage Records)
6. Ensemble Du Verre, Infinite (Compost)
7. Dan Arborise, My dear (Just Music)
8. Mass Roman, Everyone has it now (Carpe Sonum)
9. 36, Fiona’s room (3six Recordings)

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