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KL Nightflight 31-01-2014

Klassik Lounge Nightflight by DJ Nartak

Start the weekend with a fine mix of fresh Ambient & Downtempo sounds. The Nightflight show takes off at 0:00 am (CET), available through FM & DAB in Germany & streaming worldwide on »Klassik Radio«.

Tune in: Klassik Lounge Nightflight →


1. Hittfeld, Useful noise (Billibabe Records)
2. Temple Step Project, Truth and grace (Desert Trax)
3. Nasser Shibani, Just if (Diventa)
4. Ganga, Blessed (Flinc Music)
5. Scuba, Before (After) (Hotflush Recordings)
6. Ulrich Schnauss, Like a ghost in your own life (Scripted Realities)
7. Digital Rain, Forgive (LGM)


1. Lauge & Baba Gnohm, Fields of light (Bandcamp)
2. Krishna Das, By your grace / Jai Gurudev (Varese Sarabande)
3. Adham Shaikh, Fibonacci spiral song (Sonicturtle)
4. Dollboy, Warschauer Strasse (Second Language)

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