Klassik Lounge Playlist2

Klassik Lounge 20-07-2013

Klassik Lounge compiled by DJ Nartak

The Klassik Lounge show takes off at 22H (CET). Two hours of finest chillin’ and loungin’ tunes, selected & mixed by DJ Nartak. More infos about the show, transmission frequencies & streaming you’ll find here: Klassik Radio →


1. Dieter Geike, Benjamin (Prudence)
2. Thierry David, Ocean rhapsody (Vox Terrae)
3. Soul Avenue, Yearn to love (Sine Music)
4. Spiral System, Be (Interchill)
5. Sans Chichi, Successive (ChinChin)
6. Kuba, Hole in my guitar (Chillcode)
7. Tane, Cala Conta Ibiza (Geminymusic)
8. Quantum Leap, The color of silence (Mikrolux)


1. Magnus, Giants (Diventa)
2. T-Mo, Fortitude (Seamless)
3. Daniel Paul, What I don’t know about what I know (Cabinet Records)
4. Nitin Sawhney, Distant dreams (Acoustic Version) (Cooking Vinyl)
5. Billy Estaban, Awakening (Diventa)
6. Dan Arborise, To the sea (Just Music)
7. Twins in mind, Intro (Bonzai Elemental)


1. Fever Ray, When I grow up (Rabid Records)
2. Mercan Dede, Napas (Doublemoon)
3. Zagar, Dream of a machine (Mole Listening Pearls)
4. Juliano, Bat (Bandcamp)
5. Kalabi, Can’t sleep won’t sleep (Sweetleaf Recordings)
6. Club des Belugas, The road is lonesome (ChinChin)
7. Cardinal Zen, Winter sonnet (Drizzly Loungery)


1. Animat, Horsehead (Mareld)
2. Boards of Canada, Cold Earth (Warp)
3. Sync24, Something something (Ultimae)
4. Minus Blue, Be as one (Klangstein Rmx.) (Phunctional Loungin)
5. Poldoore, Lynchpin (Dusted Wax Kingdom)
6. Kolby Wade, Meat people (LGM)

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