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Klassik Lounge 01-05-2013

Wednesday’s Klassik Lounge compiled by DJ Nartak

The Klassik Lounge show takes off at 22H (CET). Two hours of finest chillin’ and loungin’ tunes, selected & mixed by DJ Nartak. More infos about the show, transmission frequencies & streaming please goto Klassik Radio →

1. Openzone Bar, Seven seas (LGM)
2. Riccicomoto, Entschleuniger (Summer Rain Recordings)
3. Adani & Wolf, Speak (Australian Works)
4. Collioure, Timeless pulse (Diventa)
5. Shlohmo, The way u do (Friends of friends)
6. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, Bats in the attic (Double Six)

1. Krusseldorf, 5 pointed star (A dose of (val)Liam Rmx.) (Beats & Pieces)
2. Blank & Jones, A secret place (Soundcolours)
3. Sine, The return (Sine Music)
4. Lauge & Baba Gnohm, From bottom to shore (Bandcamp)
5. Digitonal, Amberkreis (Just Music)

1. Marconi Union, On reflection (Just Music)
2. Moby, Honey (Lulu Rouge Rmx.) (Stella Polaris Music)
3. Sync24, Oomph (Ultimae)
4. Verano, You (City Life)
5. Lazy Hammock, Closer to me (Diventa)

1. A Shaman’s Dream Project, Invocation to water (Sounds true)
2. Fragile State, Hoop dreams (James Murray Rmx.) (I-Label)
3. Leo Abrahams, From here (Just Music)
4. Circles and spirals, Great barrier reef (Circles)
5. Tane, Dawn (Geminymusic)

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