Klassik Lounge Playlist Neu2

Klassik Lounge 20-04-2013

Klassik Lounge compiled by DJ Nartak

The Klassik Lounge show takes off at 22H (CET). Two hours of finest chillin’ and loungin’ tunes, selected & mixed by DJ Nartak.

More infos about the show, transmission frequencies & streaming you’ll find here: Klassik Radio →

1. Steffen Kahles & Christoph Blaser, Nähe (Königskinder)
2. Christoph Spendel, Lights of Yaiza (Blue Flame)
3. Desert Dwellers, The Dub Sutras (Tantrika Dub) (White Swan Records)
4. Nitin Sawhney, Noches en vela (Part 1) (V2 Records)
5. Monte La Rue, 1000 islands (Cinq Etoiles)
6. Kaya Project, Blessed (Space Tepee Music)
7. Kalabi, Frejus (Sweatleaf Recordings)

1. Banco de Gaia, Lamentations (Disco Gecko)
2. Pravana, Ha-Tha (Amanaska Remix) (One World Music)
3. Tomzen, Namaste (Iboga Records)
4. Spiral System, T.O.P. (Macro Records)
5. Tafubar, The fantastic journey of Mr. Mantra (LGM)
6. Falty DL, Endeavour (Lazy Summer) (Cool D:Vision)
7. Paul Schwartz, Ombra (Chilled Mix) (Koch Records)

1. Dire Straits, Private investigations (Vertigo)
2. Nacho Sotomayor, Always waiting (Ambient Net)
3. Norah Jones, Travellin’ on (Jose Padilla Remix) (Blue Note)
4. Razoof, Inhale (Space Tepee Music)
5. Sounds from the ground, Razz (Waveform)
6. Potlatch, Tracing door ways (with Anne Yang) (CosmicLeaf)

1. Ryan KP, Bliss (Diventa)
2. Genuine, Sometimes (Karma Mix) (Ministry of Sound)
3. Synapsis, Alluring force (Riccicomoto’s Dub Session) (LGM)
4. Alucidnation, Metal bark (Big Chill Recordings)
5. Lee Burton, Recover (Klik Records)
6. Ten Madison, North loth (Millennium Records)


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