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Klassik Lounge 2013-03-27

Wednesday’s Klassik Lounge compiled by DJ Nartak

The Klassik Lounge show takes off at 22H (CET). Two hours of finest chillin’ and loungin’ tunes, selected & mixed by DJ Nartak. More infos about the show, transmission frequencies & streaming please goto Klassik Radio →

1. Echaskech, Every touch (Just Music)
2. Fela Manoz & Obutie-Man, The persuaders (Ministry of Sound)
3. Oka, Big boppa (Okamusic)
4. Alexandra Hampton, Eastern treasure (LGM)
5. Dee C’rell featuring Torsten de Winkel, London 3am (Holm Records)
6. Jon Hopkins, A drifting up (Double Six)

1. Lazy Hammock, Natural high (Diventa)
2. Mirage of deep, Hechizo de Luna (LGM)
3. Leo Abrahams, Spider (Jon Hopkins Rmx.) (Just Music)
4. Animat, A promise of snow (Sigmafly Rmx.) (Big Chill)
5. Bonobo, Stay the same (Mark Pritchard Rmx.) (Ninja Tune)
6. Lawrence English, Droplet (12k)

1. Kevin Yost, Live motion (i! Records)
2. Zwicker, Dragon fly (Compost)
3. S.W., E2-E4 (LGM)
4. Calmstreet, Diamonds (Mole Listening Pearls)
5. Eguana, Seven floating particles (CosmicLeaf)

1. Urban Myth Club, So beautiful (TRLmusic)
2. Lauge & Baba Gnohm, Indbagt Humör Tobak (Bandcamp)
3. Graddus, Novbahor (LGM)
4. Sync24, 1N50MN14 (Ultimae)
5. Lemongrass, Andromeda (LGM)
6. Bluetech feat. Eve Ladyapples, Becoming the ancestor (Native State Rec.)

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