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Nightflight 2012-12-08

Klassik Lounge Nightflight by DJ Nartak

right after the “Klassik Lounge” I will provide you a new late night soundtrack session. The Nightflight show takes off at 0:00 am (CET), available through VHF in Germany & streaming on »Klassik Radio«.

Tune in: Klassik Lounge Nightflight →

01 Towards green, Last page (Buzzin’ Fly Records)
02 Subsonic Park, After dark (Video Edit) (Elux)
03 Jasmon, Pacha Mama (LGM)
04 Shrift, Hum (Six Degrees)
05 Eigenart, The Notwist (Luxury House)
06 9 in common, Close your eyes (Seemless Recordings)
07 Mastermind, Empty road (SonyBMG)
01 Gary Marlowe, Echo (Prudence)
02 Blank & Jones, Pura vida (jazzed by Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr) (Soundcolours)
03 Nighthawks, Dust (feat. Habib & Semira Abdollahzadeh) (Herzog Records)
04 Zen Lemonade, It doesn’t matter (Electronic Soundscapes)
05 Grey Reverend, Regen (Ninja Tune)

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