Klassik Lounge Playlist Neu2

Klassik Lounge 2012-11-24

Klassik Lounge compiled by DJ Nartak

Tonight my Klassik Lounge set is dedicated to Pete Namlook, who died a few days ago. He is a true Ambient Music pioneer and an inspirational force for many musicians and music lovers. Thank you,  dear Peter!  I added “Travelling without moving” one of my all-time-fav’s…. The Klassik Lounge show takes off at 22H (CET), available through VHF in Germany & streaming on »Klassik Radio«.

1. Honeyroot, Radiant (Just Music)
2. Ganga, Sky coming down (Flinc Music)
3. 9 In common, Kid (Seemless Recordings)
4. Waves on Canvas, Angel (feat. Louise Rutkowski) (Psychonavigation Records)
5. Fragile State, Song of departure (Digitonal Cloudless Rmx.) (iLabel)
6. Sine, Our secret garden (Sine Music)

1. Lauge & Rütz, Nightfall (Red Robot Records)
2. Berkstroem, En (Mole Listening Pearls)
3. Avril, Urban serenade (Fcommunications)
4. Nacho Sotomayor, Beyond religion (Absolut Ambient)
5. Marty Bobgarner, La lugubre vallee (LGM)
6. Moby, Hyenas (Mute Records)
7. Kuba, Through a lense (Chillcode)

1. Riccicomoto, Assassino construction (Deja-Tunes)
2. Timo Garcia & Manu Delago, The hang drum track (T_Mo’s Balearica 10 minute Sunset edit) (Timo Garcia)
3. Stefan Obermaier, For Elise (Universal Music (Austria)
4. Dee C’rell, Hymn from journeyman (Holm Records)
5. Goldmund, Now (Type)

1. Pete Namlook, Travelling without moving Trip II (Fax Records)
2. Dead can dance, Anabasis (PIAS)
3. Bugge Wesseltoft, Hope (Jazzland)
4. Potlatch, The chirping train (CosmicLeaf)


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