Schlaflos Indonesia 02

Schlaflos… in Indonesia (Session #69)

23:00 – 00:00 // on we are on tour again! Come & join us on our 1st trip to Indonesia. “Schlaflos…” a concept by DJ Ping, DJ Nartak and photographer Marco Drews. For more infos & stream: →

Here is my playlist (23:00 – 23:30)

01 Jakarta traffic jam (Fieldrecording)
02 Stuart Roslyn, Lombok mystery
03 Laya Project, Sunset in Akkarai (Desert Dwellers Rmx.)
04 Desert Dwellers, Bodhi Mandala (Drumspeyder Rmx.)
05 Hattler, Zimt
06 Jeevan Anandavisam, Glimpse of thee
07 Bird market scene (Fieldrecordings)
08 A Shamans dream project, Invocation to water
09 Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe (Hörbuch)


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