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La Isla Vol.01 – Balearic Breeze, 2012-05-05

Dear friends, please reserve your Saturday evening for an outstanding musical journey. DJ Nartak’s “La isla” is a musical homage to the beauty of world famous islands. Every first Saturday of the month a 2 hours journey of bliss & well-being will come directly to your living room. Starting with one of the hippest spots of the music biz DJ Nartak brings you fresh tunes from Formentera and Ibiza. Lean back & enjoy the ride!

La Isla Vol.01 – Balearic Breeze

compiled & mixed by DJ Nartak
05.05.2012, 22-00 pm CET
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1. Sebastien Legz, One day before the return (Stasis Recordings)
2. Triangle Sun, Long way (Tyranno Lounge)
3. Unit Blue, Para sentir (Planet Inspiration)
4. Bea Luna, Son Huguet (Pmusica)
5. Rue de Soleil, Beach (Republica Cafe)
6. Razoof, Khajuraho/Expressions of bliss (Chin Chillaz Dub) (CKP)
7. Santa Cruz Musique, Cala Bejor (Just Music)

1. Tane, Cala Conta Ibiza (Geminymusic)
2. Eva Pacifico, Caliente (D’Jean & Masonaise Hot in Copacabana Rmx.) (Ibizarre)
3. RealXS, Waiting for you (Ganga Rmx.) (Movin Sounds Ibiza)
4. Ilya Santana, Erin (Eskimo Rec.)
5. InnammoratoDellaMusica, Summer night (LGM)
6. Gerrit van der Meer, Riding (Gerrit van der Meer)
7. Josete Ordoñez, Piedras y rosas (Blank & Jones Rmx.) (Ozella Music)

1. Solee, Jule (Tim Engelhardt Chillout Mix) (Parquet Rec.)
2. Ohm-G, Hulectric Soul (Eivissabeat)
3. Lazy Hammock, Rise with you (Gabor Deutsch Broken Guitar Mix) (Diventa)
4. HP Höger & M.Lackmaier, El baile (Musicpark)
5. Eskadet, New conditions (LGM)
6. Kuba, On the spot (Chillcode)

1. Motif, Never let go (Chillout Mix) (Touchstone)
2. Lauge & Baba Gnohm, The perfect stranger (Blue Tunes Recordings)
3. Five Seasons, La isla (LGM)
4. Jaidene Veda, If I only (Elle’s Chill Reprise) (Stilnovo)
5. Sine, Wolke7 (Sine Music)
6. Art Demoir, Unfinished dream (Phunctional Loungin)


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