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Nightflight 2012/04/20


Klassik Lounge Nightflight by DJ Nartak

start the weekend with an atmospheric musical journey including some very fresh tunes from the world of Ambient, Chillout & Electronica. The Nightflight show takes off at 0:00 am (CET), available through VHF in Germany & streaming worldwide on »Klassik Radio«.

Tune in: Klassik Lounge Nightflight →

01 Bahramji & Mashti, About god (Blue Flame)
02 Kuba, Little mountain (Chillcode)
03 DJ Elbe, Indianer Lude (Elfenmaschine)
04 Bonobo, The keeper (Banks Rmx.) (Ninja Tune)
05 Northbound, Twice the day (LGM)
06 Massivan, Globality (feat. Zeb) (Pmusica)
07 Urbs, Drive anywhere (G-Stone)
01 Sinan Mercenk, He Say (Blank & Jones’ Smooth & Chilled Revisit) (Soundcolours)
02 Melody Gardot, Our love is easy (Chill Out Mix) (Abstrait)
03 Pascheba, Le future (FBM)
04 Essay, 1991 (Lovely rain) (Warminal Rec.)
05 Knut Bjørnar Asphol, Spaces (India Rec.)
06 Chris Zippel & Marcus Loeber, Satori (Billibaberecords)

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