SL 614 236 B01


… in Berlin

Tonight starts our 10th excursion through the streets of Berlin. “Schlaflos…” a concept by DJ Ping, DJ Nartak and photographer Marco Drews. More infos and stream: →

Here is my playlist (23:00 – 23:30)
01 U-Bahn Berlin (Fieldrecording)
02 Bonobo, The keeper (Banks Rmx.)
03 Tosca, Springer
04 Berlin Wannsee (Fieldrecording)
05 Gushi & Raffunk, Sound of you (Beat Ambasada Rmx.)
06 Placid Hawk, Roses become wet
07 Felix Laband, Minka
08 Sense, Likemine
08 Wladimir Kaminer, Ich bin kein Berliner (Hörbuch)

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