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Schlaflos … (#30)

… in Copenhagen

Good evening, please join us for the 4th and last »Schlaflos … in Kopenhagen« (Sleepless … in Copenhagen) session — with DJ Nartak, Ping and mindblowing photos by Marco Drews, starting at 0:00 CET.

From next week on we will be »Schlaflos … in Berlin«!

More infos her: →

And here is my playlist (00:00 – 00:30)
01 Ankunft Kopenhagen Durchsage (Fieldrecording)
02 Memphidos, Why (mit “Sortedamssøen” Lake Fieldrecording)
03 Auxilium Tek, New home
04 Mudd, Speilplatz (Quiet Village Deep Space Rmx.)
05 Placid Larry, Mood setting
06 Peter Broderick, Something has changed
07 Herta Müller, Herztier (Hörbuch)

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