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Nightflight – 2012/01/13

Klassik Lounge Nightflight by DJ Nartak

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01 Goldmund, Dane street (Western Vinyl)
02 Ohm-G, All we can see (Eivissabeat/Daredo)
03 Motif, Halo (Instrumental Mix (Sonic Art Rec.)
04 Lazy Hammock, Fly so high (Diventa)
05 Lemongrass, Deep blue (LGM)
06 Monassa, Days and nights (Compost)
07 Giorgio Li Calzi feat. Hayley Alker, Exist (Fonosintesi)
01 Hittfeld, Orchestral visions (Billibabe Rec.)
02 Thomas Lemmer, Aurora (Sonic Art Rec.)
03 Miktek, Light tails (Ultimae)
04 Softwaver, How soon can you be here (Ideal Musik)
05 Colin Kenniff feat. Hollie Kenniff, Wind and distance (Unseen “For Nihon”)
06 Corderoy, Born again (Accord Media)
07 Eguana, Relax your body (CosmicLeaf)

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