SL 614 236 KH01

Schlaflos … (#29)

… in Copenhagen

If you are still wide awake, feel free to join me and my dear friends DJ Ping and Marco Drews for the 3rd ride to Kopenhagen.

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And here is my playlist (00:00 – 00:30)
01 Ankunft Kopenhagen Durchsage (Fieldrecording)
02 Underworld, Faxed invitation
03 Joe Henson, Voyeur
04 Hittfeld, Fingers masters
05 Placid Larry, As the mist clears
06 The Cinematic Orchestra, Child song
07 Yosebu, Finding a cloud to ride
08 Hyusfall, Panoil Edit 2.0
09 Arto Paasilima, Adams Peach die Welt zu retten (Hörbuch)

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