SL 614 236 KH02

Schlaflos … (#28)

… in Copenhagen

I wish you all a great & peaceful 2012! If you are still wide awake and about to land, feel free to join me and my dear friends DJ Ping & Marco Drews for the 2nd ride to Kopenhagen.

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And here is my playlist (00:00 – 00:30)
01 Ankunft Kopenhagen Durchsage (Fieldrecording)
02 Placid Larry, Light bend
03 King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, Bats in the attic (Unravelled)
04 Dyrehaven Forest (Fieldrecording)
05 Desert Dwellers, Journey to the core
06 Carbon based lifeforms, Right where it ends
07 Audiokonstrukte, Sensi city
08 Jon Hopkins, Sleepwalker
09 Arnaldur Indrioason, Codex Regius (Hörbuch)

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