NFL 614 236 01

Nightflight – 2011/12/17

… my »Nightflight«, which I would like to share with you …

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01 Bob Holroyd, Moment (Bob Holroyd)
02 Helios, Glimpse (Type)
03 Blank & Jones, Souvenirs (Soundcolours)
04 Fragile State, Undercurrent (Alucidnation Downtempo Mix) (I-Label)
05 Lo Tide, Look to the skies (Diventa)
05 Solid World, Can Chill afternoon (Ibizarre)
06 Lemongrass, Harmony (LGM)
01 Roedelius I Schneider, Geschichte (Bureau B)
02 Giorgio Li Calzi, Eyes wide open (feat. Hayley Alker) (Fonosintesi)
03 Little phrase, Time is golden (Unseen, “For Nihon”)
04 Ohm-G, Götterfunken (Eivissabeat/Daredo)
05 Green Empathy, Spirit of the water (Peacelounge)
06 Freund der Familie, Brueder der Sonne (Koax)
07 Taylor Deupree, For a morning when (Unseen, “For Nihon”)

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