Summer Lounge @ Klassik Radio Select

Let go, dream yourself away & get inspired by a large selection of freshest and finest 2020 summer tunes, feat. Troels Hammer, John Beltran, Chris Coco, Geotic and many more.

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DJ Nartak's Nightflight

Finally my beloved "Klassik Lounge Nightflight" has arrived on Klassik Radio Select too. My choice of fine and fresh tunes, dedicated to the beauty at night time!

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My channels on Klassik Radio Select

Here comes a quick overview of the "Klassik Radio Select" channels I am looking after. Various in sound and style, but filled up carefully with the best of my personal choice.

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DJ Nartak on CD

People keep asking me, where to purchase my Klassik Lounge compilations on CD. Well, some of them (particularly the older ones) are already sold out, but here is what's still available.

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Klassik Lounge Mix at Soundcloud

A blend of some of my favourite Modern Classical artists and tracks with bits of Ambient & Electronica. Enjoy!

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Be welcome.

To me, music is the one language everybody understands. Music knows no limits, no borders, no religion. Music is light and dark, quiet and wild, major and minor, and expresses so the polarity of life. But can you hear the stillness beyond sound? Do you have the courage to listen to the indescribable infinity between two notes?